Parkside Farm Pick Your Own (pyo) fruit and vegetables

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Update Sunday evening 27th July - We are closed Monday 28th July but open again from Tuesday onwards. We currently have the following for you to pick; Raspberries (stunning crop), Strawberries, Blackberries (plentiful), Redcurrants, Blackcurrants, Plums ("Opals"), Courgettes, Marrows, French Beans, Beetroot, Spinach, Swiss Chard & Green Onions.
Minimum Spend - This is set at £3 per adult/child, and just means that everyone entering the field has to spend at least £3 on PYO fruit/veg, or they are charged up to
PYO of the Year 2014 Finalist - We are pleased to announce that we were a national finalist in the FARMA PYO of the Year awards 2014.
170x150 PYO Farm of the Year 2011 - Yes, PARKSIDE FARM CLAIMS NATIONAL PICK-YOUR-OWN AWARD Parkside Farm has been named the national ‘Pick-your own Farm of the Year’ 2011 by the National Farmers’ Retail & Markets Association (FARMA).

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