Parkside Farm Pick Your Own (pyo) fruit and vegetables

How it Works

At Parkside Farm you can pick your own fruit and vegetables fresh from the field. The shop staff are always happy to answer any questions you have. No booking is required, unless you have an unusual request.


PICK Baskets and bags are provided into which you can pick the produce. Trolleys are also available for those wishing to pick large quantities. The crops are all clearly signposted. We do not allow eating of fruit as you walk around the farm.

WEIGH & PAY The produce is weighed at our tills and you pay, based on the charge per kg of the respective fruit or vegetable. You must pay for all that you have picked so please don`t pick more than you require.

MINIMUM SPEND £4 adult/child This just means that every everyone who enters the field is required to spend at least £4 on PYO fruit/veg (charged on exit).  Children who are too young to walk are excluded.

Children must be supervised by an adult at all times, as this is a working farm. Please also ensure that they do not damage our crops.
Picnics are welcome in the designated area only (in Car Park 3) but you are not allowed to take picnics/picnic mats into the fields.
Dogs As we are a food premises unfortunately we do not allow dogs except for guide dogs. Trent Park is ½ mile away and is suitable for dog walking.
Footwear The ground is uneven in places so please wear suitable footwear.
NB; Please do not leave valuables in your cars. We cannot accept responsibility for any thefts!

What we grow